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 03  NOVEMBER 2002 

Nuclear Donation

                                                     PHOTO BY ERNEST WHITE 

The Museums ATR-2 Rocket with the BDU-12 in the background.

On Oct 25, 2002, 62d / 446th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flights provided the Museum with four new additions to our weapons collection. The first, ATR-2A, a McDonnell ATR-2 Training Rocket, a training version of the AIR-2 Genie Nuclear Air-to-Air Rocket. For many years the Genie was impressive landmark on display in front of the EOD Facility, but in recent years was removed in favor of a more modern weapon. The second item, BDU-12/B Practice Bomb, used by Crews to simulate the B57 Nuclear Gravity Bomb during training, was to be the replacement for the AIR-2 as a new landmark for the 62 EOD, but was later removed from consideration as the new EOD landmark. After restoration both weapons will be displayed with our BDU-32 Nuclear Loading practice bomb creating a very interesting nuclear weapons display. Other items given to the Museum, two MK-20 Rockeye Cluster Bombs will eventually be loaded on to the Museums A-10A Thunderbolt. The McChord Museum would like to thank the members from the 62d EOD and the 62d AW & the 446th for their help in securing these weapons. 

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