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Globemaster tails
 436th Airlift Wing (AMC)  /  512th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
 Photo by Gina Vanatter                                                                           Boeing

The freshly painted "Spirit of the Constitution" shows off the 436th / 512th Airlift Wings new tailflash. Dover's other assigned aircraft, the C-5,  will replace their simple yellow tailflash only containing the bases name with this smart design. The flash's "eagle's head" represents the 436th Airlift Wing, also known as the "Eagle Wing;" the Liberty Bell represents the 512th AW, also known as the "Liberty Wing;" the colonial blue represents the background color of the Delaware state flag; and the diamond represents Delaware as the first of the thirteen original states to ratify the Constitution of the US This unanimous ratification took place in a convention of Dover on December 7, 1787, whereby Delaware became "The First State" of the new Federal Union.

 Photo by Gina Vanatter                                                                           Boeing


Boeing painters (l-r) John Ellis¸ Doug La Belle and Joey Perez apply ink to create the Dover Air Force Base tail flash on the tail of the bases first C-17.


The Spirit of the Constitution’s crewmembers Capt. Douglas Palagi, Senior Airman Robert Paradis, Staff Sgt. Bryan Bennett, Staff Sgt. Jeff Weatherly, Staff Sgt. Christopher Copans, Maj. Brian Oconnell, Maj. Justin Riddle, Senior Airman Todd Barney and Capt. Jeffrey Jones return from the first real-world mission flown by a Dover Air Force Base C-17 airframe. The crew just returned from a cargo-delivery mission into Afghanistan on 2 July 07.


Shortly after joining the USAF fleet The "Sprit of the Constitution" is in use again, teamed up with Air Force and Navy fighters in a joint training dissimilar air combat (DACT) exercise on June 29 2007 at Naval Air Station Key West, Fla. The C-17 from the 436th AW  moved cargo in support of the exercise.

Master Sgt. Steve Marciniak / usaf
 436th Airlift Wing


Established as 436 Troop Carrier Wing, Medium, on 10 May 1949. Activated in the Reserve on 27 Jun 1949. Ordered to active service on 1 Apr 1951. Inactivated on 16 Apr 1951. Activated in the Reserve on 18 May 1955. Inactivated on 15 May 1958. Redesignated 436 Military Airlift Wing, and activated, on 27 Dec 1965. Organized on 8 Jan 1966. Redesignated 436 Airlift Wing on 1 Dec 1991.


Ninth Air Force, 27 Jun 1949; First Air Force, 1 Aug 1950-16 Apr 1951. First Air Force, 18 May 1955; Fourteenth Air Force, 25 Mar-15 May 1958. Twenty-First Air Force, 8 Jan 1966; Eighteenth Air Force, 1 Oct 2003-.


Groups.436 Troop Carrier (later, 436 Operations): 27 Jun 1949-16 Apr 1951; 18 May 1955-15 May 1958; 1 Dec 1991-.  

Squadrons. 1 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1966-30 Jun 1971. 3 Military Airlift: 1 Aug 1973-1 Dec 1991. 9 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1966-8 Sep 1968; 1 Apr 1971-1 Dec 1991. 20 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1966-1 Aug 1973. 31 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1966-8 Apr 1969; 1 Oct 1989-1 Dec 1991. 39 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1966-31 Mar 1971. 52 Military Airlift: 8 Jan 1967-8 Feb 1969 (detached). 58 Military Airlift: 1 Jul 1966-15 Aug 1971.


Godman AFB, KY, 27 Jun 1949; Standiford Muni Aprt (later, Standiford Field), KY, 20 Oct 1950-16 Apr 1951. New York NAS (later, USNAS, New York), NY, 18 May 1955-15 May 1958. Dover AFB, DE, 8 Jan 1966-.


C-45, 1949; T-7, 1949-1951; T-11, 1949-1951; C-47, 1949-1951. T-28, 1955; T-33, 1955; C-45, 1955-1957; C-46, 1955-1957; C-119, 1957. C-124, 1966-1969; C-133, 1966-1971; C-141, 1966-1973; C-5, 1971- present,  C-17, 2007 - present.


Trained as a Reserve troop carrier wing Jun 1949-Apr 1951, under supervision of the 2236th Air Force Reserve Training Center, and again during May 1955-Nov 1957, under supervision of the 2230th Air Reserve Flying Center. In between, ordered to active service and inactivated almost immediately, personnel serving as fillers for other USAF units. Replaced the 1607th Air Transport Wing in Jan 1966 as the host wing at Dover AFB, DE. Initially flew C-124, C-133, and C-141 aircraft, but gradually replaced C-124 and C-133 types with C-5s. By mid-1973, flew only the C-5. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, flew numerous missions to Southeast Asia, although primary wing routes served Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Participated in joint training with US Army; took part in numerous tactical exercises in the United States and overseas, particularly in support of NATO. Flew worldwide airlift, including mail and other high priority cargo, aeromedical evacuation, personnel transport, humanitarian, and diplomatic missions. Wing aircrews were augmented by attached Reserve aircrews. Airlifted personnel and equipment for operations in Grenada, 24 Oct-18 Dec 1983; and Panama, 19 Dec 1989-14 Jan 1990. Deployed an Airlift Control Element (ALCE) at Tocumen International Airport, Panama on 19 Dec 1989. Provided airlift of personnel and equipment, and logistical support for operations in Southwest Asia, Aug 1990-May 1991. Served as the only combat ready C-5 unit capable of airdrop and special operations procedures in support of tactical forces and national objectives. Flew special mortuary airlift missions from Iraq and Afghanistan and operated the only joint services mortuary on the East coast 1991-present.


Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. Southwest Asia: Defense of Saudi Arabia; Liberation and Defense of Kuwait.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. Grenada, 1983. 

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 13 Nov-18 Dec 1967; 1 Jan 1968-31 Dec 1969; 1 Sep 1971-30 Jun 1972; 13 Oct-14 Nov 1973; 1 Jan 1974-30 Apr 1975; 1 May 1975-31 May 1976; 1 Jun 1976-31 May 1978; 1 Jun 1978-31 May 1979; 1 Jun 1981-31 May 1982; 1 Jun 1982-31 May 1984;1 Aug 1992-31 Jul 1994;1 Jul 1997-30 Jun 1999; 1 Jul 2000-30 Jun 2001; 1 Jul 2001-30 Jun 2002; 1 Jul 2002-30 Jun 2003; 1 Jul 2003-30 Jun 2004; 1 Jul 2004-30 Jun 2005.

Bestowed Honors. Authorized to display honors earned by the 436th Troop Carrier Group prior to 27 Jun 1949. Service Streamers. World War II American Theater. Campaign Streamers. World War II: Rome-Arno; Normandy; Northern France; Southern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe. Decorations: Distinguished Unit Citation: France, [6-7] Jun 1944.


Approved on 14 Jul 1966

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