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Globemaster tails
62nd Airlift Wing (AMC)  /  446th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Mcchord afb, wa.
Before the 2010 merger of Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB into Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Army soldiers and Air Force airmen load an Army MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle aboard C-17 s/n 99-0062 from the 62d AW.

Photo by Jeffrey L. Snyder - jlsnyder@hdp.com
Washington State's Mt. Rainer is displayed prominently within the 62d AW's tail band, 98-0051 arrived on the day the 62d AW received it's first C-17 98-0052 on 30 July 1999. 

First design applied to McChord's C-17 engine FOD (foreign object damage) covers

C-17 Globemaster III s/n 89-0165 is towed into a hangar using an MB-2 aircraft tow tractor for a home station inspection at McChord AFB on Jan. 26 2007. C-17 -0165 was one of the first batch of Globemaster's delivered to McChord betwen July 1999 and September 2004.  
As additional units began flying the C-17, aircraft began to move from one unit to another, the most activity was seen at the US Air Forces largest C-17 units at Charleston & McChord. The oldest C-17 in the fleet 88-0265 was the first production Globemaster delivered to the USAF on May 18, 1992. After beginning it career with the 443d Airlift Wing at Altus AFB, OK, -0265 moved to Charleston AFB before moving to McChord AFB in the late 2000's.
After receiving almost 50 C-17's directly from the factory, the 62d AW began taking on additional factory fresh Globemaster's in 2009 replacing older McChord based C-17's transferred to other units. The C-17 above s/n 08-8201 is pictured taxing across the McChord Field runway on August 20 2010.

Latest design applied to McChord's C-17 engine FOD (foreign object damage) covers

 62d Airlift Wing


Established as 62d Troop Carrier Wing on 28 Jul 1947. Organized on 15 Aug 1947. Redesignated: 62d Troop Carrier Wing, Medium, on 22 Aug 1948; 62d Troop Carrier Wing, Heavy, on 12 Oct 1949. Inactivated on 1 Jun 1950. Activated on 17 Sep 1951. Redesignated: 62d Air Transport Wing, Heavy, on 1 Jan 1965; 62d Military Airlift Wing on 8 Jan 1966; 62d Airlift Wing on 1 Dec 1991.


Twelfth Air Force, 15 Aug 1947; Fourth Air Force, 10 Dec 1948–1 Jun 1950. Eighteenth Air Force, 17 Sep 1951; Twenty-Second Air Force, 1 Jul 1957; Fifteenth Air Force, 1 Jul 1993–.


Wing. 302d: attached 27 Jun 1949–5 May 1950.

Groups. 61st: attached 21 Nov 1952–24 Aug 1954. 62d Troop Carrier (later, 62d Operations): 15 Aug 1947–1 Jun 1950 (detached 2 May–1 Jun 1950); 1 Oct 1951–15 Jan 1960; 1 Dec 1991–.

Squadrons. 4th: attached 8–14 Jan 1960, assigned 15 Jan 1960–  . 7th Logistic Support: 1 Jul 1963–1 Jul 1964. 7th: attached 8–14 Jan 1960, assigned 15 Jan 1960–22 Dec 1969, 1 Dec 1991 - . 8th: attached 8–14 Jan 1960, assigned 15 Jan 1960–  . 19th Logistic Support (later, 19th Air Transport; 19th Military Airlift): 1 Jul 1963–22 Dec 1969. 28th: attached 1–7 Jul 1967, assigned 8 Jul 1967–8 Apr 1969. 36th Tactical (later, 36th Military) Airlift: 1 Jul 1975–1 Dec 1991.


McChord Field (later, AFB), WA, 15 Aug 1947–1 Jun 1950. McChord AFB, WA, 17 Sep 1951; Larson AFB, WA, 21 Apr 1952; McChord AFB, WA, 13 Jun 1960–.


C–82, 1947–1950; C–54, 1949–1950. C–124, 1951–1969; C–54, 1952; C–141, 1966–2002;    C–130, 1975–1989; C-17 1999- .


Conducted troop carrier operations, tactical exercises, and humanitarian missions initially with C–82s and later with C–54s, 1947–1950. Provided training for 302d Troop Carrier Wing, a Reserve corollary, Jun 1949–May 1950. Not operational 2 May–1 Jun 1950. Trained in troop carrier operations with C–124s and C–54s at McChord AFB, WA, in late 1951 and early 1952. Moved to Larson AFB, WA, in Apr 1952. From Larson, routinely performed troop carrier, air transport, and humanitarian missions on a global scale. Participated in the airlift of French troops from France to Indo-China in Operation BALI-HAI, Apr–May 1954. Provided a major portion of the airlift needed to construct the distant early warning (DEW) line in northern Alaska and Canada, 1955–1956, and thereafter periodically resupplied the DEW line stations. During the international geophysical year 1957–1958, and subsequently through 1962, supported scientific stations in the Arctic Ocean by airlanding and airdropping supplies on the drifting ice. Moved to McChord AFB in 1960. Helped transport UN troops and supplies to the Congo in 1960. Assumed responsibility in 1963 for worldwide airlift of nuclear weapons and associated equipment, continuing this mission through early 1971. Assumed airlift of Minuteman missiles from depots to operating sites in Apr 1971. In 1972, supported Presidential trips to China and the Soviet Union. From 12 Feb to 1 Apr 1973, transported former prisoners of war from North Vietnam to the Philippines and the United States. That same year, transported UN troops from Indonesia to Israel and Egypt as part of a peacekeeping effort. From Oct 1975 to Oct 1977, maintained a detachment of C–130s in the Canal Zone to support USAF needs in Central and South America. Airlifted troops and supplies during invasion of Grenada, also airlifted university students to safety, Oct–Nov 1983. Participated in the airdrop of heavy equipment and personnel during military action in Panama, 20 Dec 1989. Airlifted personnel and equipment in support of American involvement in Southwest Asia and operated airlift control elements at Zaragoza, Spain, to direct cargo and personnel destined for Southwest Asia, Aug 1990–Mar 1991. Evacuated and gave assistance to Americans at Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Base, who were displaced by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippine Islands, Jun–Jul 1991.


Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. None.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. Grenada, 1983.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jan 1961–1 Nov 1962; 1 Jul 1965– 15 Jul 1966; 1 Jul 1969–30 Jun 1970; 1 Jul 1973–30 Jun 1974; 1 Jul 1981– 30 Jun 1983; 1 Jul 1983–30 Jun 1985; 14 Jun–3 Jul 1991.

Bestowed Honors. Authorized to display honors earned by the 62d Operations Group prior 15 Aug 1947.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. World War II: Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Rome-Arno; Southern France; North Apennines; Po Valley; Air Combat, EAME Theater.

Decorations. None.



Gray, a globe with axis bendwise Azure gridlined of the first above in base two arched olive branches, one to dexter and one to sinister Vert, overall in pale a sword with blade Argent, hilt Or, the blade winged of the last, the point of the blade surmounting a sunburst of the like, all within a diminished bordure Or. Approved on 17 Nov 1969 (KE 37129); replaced emblem approved on 18 Aug 1955 (K&KE 9634). Motto: IN OMNIA PARATUS— IN ALL THINGS READY. Approved on 18 Aug 1955.

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